My practice strives to work with my patients to find the least invasive treatment options available.  Our mission is to get you back to your active lifestyle as rapidly as possible.  Most problems can be solved without surgery.  We have many proven treatment options for most the  most common problems that affect out patients including hip and knee arthritis, ligament injuries, tendonitis, and nerve compression.  We use current, proven, state of the art treatment options.

If surgery is necessary I offer the most advanced techniques available.  My surgical treatment is designed to minimize pain, scars, and recovery time.   Most ligament and cartilage injuries can be repaired with arthroscopic/minimally invasive procedures.

If joint replacement is necessary we offer what is probably the most advanced program available.  I perform hip and knee replacement using minimally invasive muscle sparing techniques.  These muscle sparing procedures are a small part of our rapid recovery program.  Recent advances in these techniques have allowed most of our patients to return home the day after surgery.  Many of my patients are walking without difficulty as fast as a week after surgery.  Most people can return to their active lives very quickly after surgery.  No longer does a joint replacement require months to recover from.